Monday 4 February 2013

The Best Celebrity Peek-A-Boobs Of All Time (Honest Mistake OR Cleverly Calculated?)


Peek-a-boobs. They happen more often than we’d like to imagine—to everyone, but especially celebrities. Whether their twins were supposed to show purposely or a publicity stunt , one thing is for sure, they never get boring to look at when it happens and even after. Dear celebrities, sorry if this gallery brings back painful memories of embarrassment, but we have a feeling you didn’t mind too much anyway! Here goes…

 Nicki’s over the top costumes and hair was finally upstaged by a brown areola! Oh, the simplicity!
The all time high peek-a-boob has got to go to Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl! This one may have actually been an accident, but Janet’s boobs have always been praised. Was all that scrutiny really necessary anyway?

During the down turn of Lindsay’s career, she wore this infamous dress and still has not been able to live this overexposed moment down

Even goody girl Bey got caught slipping while on vacation. Literally!

It wouldn’t be a boob spill gallery if Rihanna wasn’t on it! During her transition from good girl to bad gal, Rihanna let her tetas be an accessory on the red carpet.

During a “Motivation” performance, Kelly Rowland wore a super $exy, caged corset that was either ill-fitting or simply “un-motivating”.

During an interview, the usually super-polished Eva was having a wardrobe malfunction which could have easily been avoided if her stylist was on point that day.

Clearly Victoria wanted to show off the biggest parts of her body in a sheer wife beater like this.

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