Tuesday 9 April 2013

Transgender pornography downloaded in Vatican City

Transgender pornography has been downloaded by computers based in Vatican City, it has been claimed.
The New York Post reports a number of films, including several transgender adult movies, were discovered on a list of torrents that website claimed had been downloaded on computers within Vatican City – the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church., which is dedicated to file-sharing news, unearthed the download history from an IP address inside the Pope’s city of residence. It is not clear to whom it belongs.

While download levels in Vatican City were very low because of its small size, a number of films and TV programmes had been shared.
The New York Post claims that the list emerged after the same IP address, which is marked with the location ‘The Holy See – Vatican City State’, was later linked to a number of adult movie torrents – including films starring the trans porn actor Tiffany Starr.
Torrenting is a form of file sharing, which has become popular with fans of illegal downloads because it is harder for authorities to crack down on.

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