Sunday 30 June 2013


Life and success is miraculous progressive journey where everyone has to live life with purpose as being purposed by lord. The highway of quality life and success are unexpectedly decorated with countless adversities and setbacks as law of universe says “Success never comes with comfortness and victor tag are crowned to courageous warriors who dare to stand in the battle field till their wildest dream accomplishment despite of countless bombardments of adversities”. While in the process we are just webbed in the trap of powerful negative emotion called “FEAR” which paralyze our thought, action and distract us from our dream goals. In fact fear is such a hidden illusionary devil which drives human towards grave of failure, crisis, pain, poverty and negative circumstances. We loses our passion, enthusiasm, momentum and strategic action plans once fear attacks in the highway of life and success. It really stops us to move forward as it is such powerful negative emotion which has ability to attract tons of negative energy to paralyze our mental thought pattern and slowdowns the flight mode of action taking points where enthusiasm and passion are generated. Actually it takes same amount of time to plant the emotions of fear and emotion of faith when we are encountering with adversities and setbacks in the highway of life and success. So choice is yours as fear is vision without optimism and its solid foundation for inviting negative circumstances. The best methodology to win over fear in the battle field where you find yourself stuck and web trapped is through feeding your miracle creating mind with positive, abundant and life prospering thought which can open channels of miracle creating doors which is divinely constructed for your easy victory over adversities. The emotion of faith and emotion of fear are the gifts of same source and during the encounterment with adversities if you turn on your flight mode of emotions of faith which enables you to feel far greater and powerful than adversities, as faith has miracle creating positive energy which has power to demagnetized the term fear because faith has divine connection for winning over fear and adversities. Never give place to negative emotion to lead over you as such negative emotions has no any real evidences and it get deep rooted in your mental zone for paralyzing you from within. If you encounter such issues in the progressive journey of dream goal accomplishment then just take massive passionate action with persistent, patience and higher degree of optimistic winning attitude and keep moving forward with solid faith.

                                                                                                           By -  Dhiraj Kumar Raj

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