Tuesday 2 July 2013

Iyanya's Friends Threaten to Release Yvonne Nelson's NUDE Photos If She Doesn't Keep Shut!

Culled From - Stella Dimokokorkus 
When love goes sour it really goes sour.... i really hate it when it gets dirty like is the case now between Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson and Nigerian Crooner Iyanya.

Ok fine,they dated and it didn't work out and ways parted...that was the end of it until a few weeks back when she granted an interview running him down and calling him serial lover amongst other names and cited that the reason for their breakup was because of his philandering ways.
I guess Iyanya didn't want to be fingered as a man who kisses and tells,so instead of granting an interview running the Actress down,he decided to sing....he went on Tim Westwoods show and sang away his embarrassment.

He said concerning the Actress who's name he mentioned and basically referred to as a fling

''All I want is your waist, no emotions, no tears, no letters, no love, no nothing. All I want is your waist, she ain't even know it. She brought emotions...'

What does Yvonne do?her Voltrons(Yvonne Nelson voltrons-YNV's) send pictures of her tattooed initials on his wrist online to show she wasn't a one night stand and the other camp says the tattoo was only on for as long as it took to discover she was a 'hopper'

The tattoo stayed on for only one month and the initials have been rubbed off and the wrist is long recovered....a temporary tattoo it was and then even permanent ones can still be taken off.

Iyanya's voltrons have also risen up to the challenge and disclosed that that iyanya and Yvonne Nelson had a relationship until her 'kurukere' moves in Nigeria was unearthed ''she was dating iyanya and some other men whilst also being pimped by a married friend and when she(Yvonne) was confronted by Iyanya she denied all the allegations until the bubble burst.

Iyanya voltrons are so upset with the way the Ghanaian actress has been going on as if she comes to equity with clean hands and making Iyanya look bad to his fans and lovers of good music ''yes they dated but she was also dating prominent Nigerians and would come to Nigeria in the guise of shooting movies,drop off her things in iyanyan's house and then go off to her lovers houses forgetting that she is an Actress and these excited men spread the word once they have had their fill for hand!

''She used to serve Iyanya leftovers after kurukere-ing!''

I hear whispers that Iyanya voltrons (Iyanya voltrons-Iyanyan voltron's)have naked pictures of Yvonne nelson which she took in the heat of the moment with some prominent Nigerians and some of them have these photos on their phones and it has been passed around.
The Iyanya voltrons threaten to release these pictures if Yvonne Nelsons voltrons do not let this matter rest and move on with their lives.

Yvonne Nelson threw the first punch and she has been replied...I am just using this medium to ask both ex lovers to respect the sex they had together and let the dogs sleep..if however they ignore and decide to continue with the sex spilling tales,i have space on this blog and i will help them.

If i was her,i wouldn't call anybody's bluff concerning naked never know oh!

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