Wednesday, 2 October 2013

I Charm My Dad With Juju To Make Him Have Sex With Me Everyday – Girl confesses


A girl in Ogoja (names withheld) on Thursday evening stunned worshippers in St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Igoli when she confessed how she mistakenly hypnotized her father with ‘juju’ and turned him to a $3x machine. According her confession, she met a man in Ogoja who she fell in love with “I wanted him to marry me but he was not looking my way, so I went to a juju man and got him to do something for me to hypnotize him to love me and have s*x with me frequently which he was reluctant to”.
The juju man prepared some “stuff and gave to me to add to his food, when I got home and prepared some good pounded yam and mixed the stuff in the soup and kept in the cooler for him”.
But as fate would have it, after she kept the food in the cooler and strolled off to Mission Road to get her lover to come and eat the delicious dish, his father who had gone to work returned home, got to the food first and when he opened the cooler and saw the good looking food, he ate up a large portion of it.

“When I came back, I opened the cooler and to my amazement the food was gone and when I asked my father who ate the food he said he was the one and I could not serve the food to my man again since what was left was very miserable.” The girl, with high cheek bones said. Soon after the father ate the food, amorous feelings developed between “my father and I and we have been having sle and this has culminated in several ab*rtions”. She said with tears rolling down her cheeks. The s*x escapades between the girl and the father which has been going on for two years apparently gave the girl a feeling of guilt prompting her to seek the assistance of Rev. Father Luke Odey, who is said to be a highly spiritual Reverend Father in the Ogoja Diocese who then offered prayers to stop the spell. “Since Father Odey prayed for me I have not been having feelings for my father again and we have stopped having s*x”. She told the bewildered Catholic congregation.
Rev. Father Odey who is from Obudu during the service warned girls and “even young men too, to stay away from such acts because they can only destroy you”.
He said seeking such diabolical powers from the devil can only hasten young people to their graves and warned them to desist from such. “Even asking the devil to give you money is a passport to your early grave”.

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