Friday, 4 October 2013

“I Want To See My Family”, Luckiest Survivor, Agagu Son In-law Pleads With Air Force men

Luckiest Survivor, Femi Akinsanya assisted by rescuers

“I Want To See My Family”, Luckiest Survivor-Femi Akinsanya, former Ondo State Governor Olusegun Agagu son-in-law has emerged the luckiest survivor of the ill-fated Ondo State bound Chartered Flight that claimed the life of thirteen people following a crash after taking off on Thursday morning.
He walked briskly from the Aircract just seconds after it crashed-landed on the floor, forcing his way out of  the doomed plane. He was lucky to have secured an exit place and immediately ran for a help.
As Femi emerged from the ill-fated Associated Airliner Chattered Aircraft, he was met by some servicemen of the Airforce who met him to settle him down.
But he was impatient and demanded to be taken to his family.

“I want to see my family”, he was quoted as saying.
Akinsanya, along with his brother in-law, Mr. Feyi Agagu, the late Agagu’s son, were the only family members of the late governor on board the ill-fated plane.
As it turned out, they were among the seven survivors. As the aircraft crashed, Akinsanya, a Lagos businessman, was seen walking out of the wreckage before the aircraft caught fire. He suffered a minor injury on his head.
As he walked away, apparently conscious, Air Force men who were among the first set of rescuers at the site, stopped him. They assisted him to stop the flow of blood on his head.
The panicking survivor, apparently dazed and feeling lucky  told the the Air force men that  he wanted to go home to join his family, according to an eyewitness.
But the Air Force personnel weary of his confused state of mind told him he was under the Federal Government’s watch and therefore would not be granted such quick freedom. He was instantly taken to   the nearby Air Force clinic for medical attention.
The eye witness said: “I saw one man walk out on his legs. I think he is the only one that walked out.”
It was gathered that Akinsanya broke the news of the crash to the burial party waiting at the Akure airport to receive the body of the former governor, which was to lie in-state in the Ondo State capital yesterday.
He reportedly spoke to Mr. Femi Agagu, the late former governor’s younger brother, who broke the news to Governor Olusegun Mimiko, who was leading the burial party.
Lucky Feyi and one of his sisters
Lucky Feyi and one of his sisters
The airline, in a statement, expressed deep regrets and “with all submission to the will of the Almighty” confirmed the “unfortunate accident of one of our aircraft”.
The statement added: “The aircraft was chartered for a flight to Akure on the 3rd of October, 2013.
“We are currently cooperating fully with the aviation regulatory authorities with a view to establishing the remote and immediate causes of this most regrettable and unfortunate accident.
“Our prayers go to the affected families of the departed. We pray for their souls to rest in peace while we continue to wish and pray for the speedy and full recovery of the survivors of this grave and sad accident.”
Meanwhile, the governor’s body is being laid to rest today after family members claimed they would not want a reschedule of the burial.
His body left Lagos on Friday morning and would be interred later in his hometown, Ijo Odo in Ondo State.
 Reports from Ijo Odo said the people are awaiting the body as all had been set for the burial.
Source: Nigerian eye

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