Wednesday 23 October 2013


There are indications that the once united family of Late Ijebu Ode industrialist, Alhaji Jimoh Odutola,who died years back,is in disarray. His 24 children are now at war, over the vast wealth, their father left behind, especially his billions, said to be boxed in First City Monument bank. 

Impeccable source divulged that the chairman of the bank, Otunba Subomi Balogun, is now being fingered as the brain behind the family crisis. 
Pa Odutola's children alleged that the bank, is reluctant to release the funds to the family, for sharing. We  gathered that the antics of the bank borders around the fact that if such heavy sum should leave the bank, it might affect the health of the financial institution adversely. 

Lately controversies, has become an alter ego for guardian of panache, and grand master of Nigeria's modern banking, especially in his home town, Ijebu Ode. 
If you may recall, weeks back a faction of his clan the Fusengbuwa royal house,rejected him as the new head of the ruling house, they claim former ICAN president Otunba Lateef Owoyemi is the legitimate head of the family, that the Awujale of Ijebuland,Oba Kayode Adetona,allegedly imposed Otunba Balogun on them. 

At the moment the children of Late Jimoh Odutola, are at daggers drawn they are accusing the Asiwaju of Ijebu Christian conniving with the eldest son of the family, Akin Moshoodi Odutola,to circumvent other siblings,through his bank.They accused the family's first son, who is in his 80's, of being Otunba Balogun's puppet, as he is alleged to be on his payroll, to distabilize the family.His siblings described him as a never do well, who was disliked by their father while he was alive. 

Information further revealed that gathered the scion lives in one of Papa Odutola, properties on Folagbade street in Ijebu-Ode. If you may recall, Alhaji Jimoh Odutola, died at the very ripe age of 105,in 2010.He was a foremost and very successful entrepreneur, one of the people who laid,the foundation of modern business in Nigeria.

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