Sunday 20 October 2013

Religious House Of Commotion? As 5-6 Churches Worship On Same Building.

Satan is a master of confusion and rebellion. He promotes greed among christians to create confusion. Everyone of these churches wants to be a founder, pastor, bishop, Daddy GO, Mummy General etc etc. We shall see more of these so long as christians hang their fates on the necks of these deceitful gospel profiteerers. And the ultimate reasons/motive for this mess is Poverty, tithe collection, and offerings. The HOLY BOOK has already said it, '' at the last time, many fasle preachers shall arise, and will decieve many''. Someone  once said, remove the payment of tithe, offerings and the so-called seed sowing from christianity and 95 percent of all the churches will disappear over night. Most of these churches were established for the sole popurses of economic gains rather than sole winning.

Secondly another major issue compromising Christianity is 'denomination'. We claim to worship one God, yet we have different denominations with different doctrines. As if that is not enough, we see members speaking against doctrines of other denominations for whatever reasons. sometimes one wonder why everyone can't come together to worship and have one serviceSame bible, same Jesus, same songs sometimes. Everyone is pulling at his/her own direction, in the name of God?  God of Unity? And Oneness? Why can't one of the pastors of these churches say/do exactly what John the baptist said/did "Christ must increase while I decrease".  we really need God's direction in this our pathway to salvation we are


  1. Many interesting points in the write-up, but it just happens that it is not as simplistic as this article has put it. 99% of churches might be founded and operated for material profit, but the Bible already says so. Yet, God is very interested in that 1%. There's never going to be an island created for that 1%. About divisions, there were even in the Bible time also. Yes, there were divisions among Christians and Paul said he was happy nonetheless because it is Christ's name that is being whatever the motive of the preacher was. God still works though those churches - even the worst of them. Many attendees are honest in their hearts and God does not overlook them because of the evil motives of the founder. So calling on every Christian to unite is to demand something the Bible never promised will happen, or is necessary for God's children to be saved. That's why many people who take the Bible seriously are very humble and careful not to assume the roles of assessors of piousness or judges for God.

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