Sunday, 24 November 2013

Chris Brown’s Problems With His Mother Go Deeper Than Rock Throwing

Chris Brown Shows Up to Court With Rihanna

When troubled singer Chris Brown hurled a rock through his mother’s car window earlier this week he didn’t care if the rock injured her or caused her to lose control of her car. Brown was outraged because his mom, Joyce Hawkins, suggested that he remain in treatment at a rehab center.
This is not the first time Brown has lashed out at his own mother. Industry insiders have whispered about Brown abusing his own mother for years.
Brown’s violent behavior stems from his anger and rage toward her for not protecting him from his violent father as a boy. In an interview with MTV’s Sway, Brown recalled watching his mother suffer abuse at the hands of his father. He told Sway that watching the abuse heaped upon his mother was “an influence in me about how to treat a woman.”
“I used to always feel the hate for anybody that disrespected a lady. Or called a lady the B-word … or just disrespected her.”
But the family history of abuse had the opposite affect on young Chris.
Abuse is a learned behavior from one generation to the next. Parents who beat their children (or each other) plant the seeds of violence in young children that will be repeated as the child grows up.

From MTV News:
Based on the information she has read about the case and her 25 years of experience dealing with domestic-violence issues, Sheryl Cates, CEO of the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline, said the intergenerational abusive behavior that Brown could be a part of is not unusual.
“It’s a learned behavior,” she said. “It can be unlearned, and I hope that he will seek some help to do that. But it’s about a belief system where you think, ‘I have the right to hurt someone I love.’ I’ve seen him say a lot that he would treat women differently, but the [alleged] injuries in this case are the same tactics — emotional or physical — meant to control [Rihanna]. One of the things we can convey to people is [that] violence is not the answer and there is an ability to change if you want that.”

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