Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Remodeling Ideas For Your Home


Not just looking to remodel your home, but have the urge to do something way out there and exciting?  Well, here are some suggestions for just that perfect combination of adrenalin and novelty.
#1  Install a Platform in Your Guest Room, Turn It Into a Storage/Guest Room —  Got more things than you know what to do with lying about and not an ounce of extra room to put them in?  You have more room than you think, you just have to find it. Transform your ordinary guest room into a storage/guest room, thus giving it two important uses.  You can neatly conceal your cache of items underneath the floorboards.

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#2 Convert Your Children’s Bedroom Into a Bunkroom — This works wonderfully if they often have slumber parties.  Only problem with this idea is that there will probably be arguments over who gets to sleep in the bunk.

#3 Personal Doggie Bathroom — If you’re really inclined to pamper your pooch or pooches, set up a little corner of the garage as their personal bathroom, complete with shower. 
dogs Beneath the Stairs
#4  Retreat Beneath the Stairs — And since we all love our dogs like family, if you want to spoil your furry friend a little, why not give him his own little retreat from the world beneath the stairs.  He’ll thank you for it with a big, wet kiss.

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#5 Keep Your Book Collection Under the Stairs — Now if you have a small nook underneath the stairs, this can prove to be the ideal place to keep any books you have.  Even a special collection of books 
Love these ideas...genius!

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