Monday 23 March 2015

90% of 24-Year-Old Student’s Skin Falls Off After Bad Reaction To Drug

Student loses 90% of her skin after allergic reaction
Khaliah Shaw, 24, a graduate from Georgia College and State University, was on medication and her doctor increased the dosage in 2013. But after a few days she became seriously ill.
In the end, she lost 90 per cent of her skin, her finger nails, her hair and the majority of her sight.
But she lost 90 per cent of her skin after it started to peel off.
At first she was diagnosed with flu, but two days later she woke up with her mouth covered in blisters and the skin of her upper body falling off.

Khaliah Shaw - After the student's condition deteriorated, she was rushed to another hospital, where a dermatologist diagnosed her with SJS. Above, Miss Shaw now wears glasses indoors to protect her eyes
She also lost the majority of her sight and has to wear sunglasses indoors (Picture: Fox News)
Khaliah Shaw  - When the student (pictured in hospital) woke up five weeks later, she was shocked to find she could not see and was breathing via a tracheotomy. She had lost her hair and her fingernails were gone
She was unconscious in hospital for five weeks before waking up (Picture: Fox 5)

She wrote about her ordeal and the condition known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome in a blog and how it affected her life.
Khaliah had her final corrective surgery in August last year and she wrote: ‘It still haunts me to think about everything they did to me while I was in the hospital.
‘I can still hear the IV machines beeping and I can still taste that disgusting crap they put in my feeding tube that made me PUKE every single time. I never want to end up in the burn unit EVER again. There are still things I avoid to this day because it reminds me of that time.’
Now her hair is growing back and pigment is returning to her skin.

Khaliah Shaw, who was a public health graduate student at Georgia College and State University at the time, was put in a medically-induced coma (pictured) after she contracted Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
Khaliah had contracted Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
In photos, the "old" Khaliah Shaw, was almost always smiling, and constantly in motion.  Shaw says, "I was never at home. I had three different jobs, in school, loved hanging out with my friends."  The "new" Khaliah wears sunglasses, even indoors. Sunlight - any bright light - is painful.   She says, "The biggest thing, I would love to have my vision back."  bbbb
Despite her ordeal, Khaliah has continued to have a smile on her face

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