Thursday 14 April 2016

A Woman Naked And Beats Up A Lady Who Sleeps Around With Her Husband - [Viewer Discretion]

Mai Jerry alongside 3 of her friends stormed Sandra’s workplace, demanding to know what kind of affair she was having with her husband, Gerald Nyamunetsi. They got to the place armed with a pair of scissors and two bottles of opaque beer, dashed into the company’s kitchen where Sandra works and descended upon the woman splashing ‘chi super’ on her. 

While trying to retrieve messages between the two, Sandra’s phone was smashed after she declined them access to her password. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter 3 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter 4 “Please forgive me, l will break up with him. I do not know what got into me. I know you but l could not resist, we have been dating for a year now,” she pleaded. a sobbing Sandra confessed, pleading for mercy after a while. 

“Was it not my mother who helped you secure a job here? And this is how you pay her by bedding her daughter’s husband, you made me bake cakes for your children using my husband’s money making me appear like a fool. “Today l want to teach you a lesson, l want all the things that my husband bought for you,” Mai Jerry replied her while she cuts off Sandra’s hair using a pair of a scissors and tearing off her clothes including her panties. 

While this drama went on, Mai Jerry’s husband was off for a business meeting and efforts to get his comment were fruitless by the time of this report.

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