Wednesday 13 April 2016

Jobless Zimbabwean Laments How His Friend and Boss Slept ith His Wife to Get Him a Job

Mehluli Dube discovered the love rectangle last Wednesday when going through the WhatsApp chats of his wife, Charlene Dzokese, 24, with whom he has a child. The affairs had been running concurrently since November, 2015. According to Mehluli, Charlene owned up to it.

She later said: “Indeed I cheated on Mehluli not that I wanted to but I had no choice, we have been suffering for years now and we have a minor to fend for. I know how hard life can be because at some point I once stayed in the streets and I am an orphan, I only want the best for my son.
So when his best friend, Beloved Chiweshe, presented me that he would get my husband a job and his former boss, Phillan Zamchiya, promised to get him something at Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition where he is the director, I jumped at it. Chiweshe knew that I was going out with Zamchiya.
We would arrange to meet in town and at times he would come to our home in Zimre Park when Mehluli was away.” Dzokese and Mehluli have been married for 3 years and Mehluli says his wife was a victim of circumstances and he will make sure that his colleagues will pay for what they did.
His words: “I have known Chiweshe since 2003, he has been my best friend since then and what he did really broke me down. I have been Zamchiya’s right hand man since last year when he took over directorship at Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition.
I still have my son to think about so I have decided to forgive my wife and sort out our differences but I have decided to take legal route to deal with Zamchiya and Chiweshe.” He has also gone on Facebook to reconfirm the story

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