Friday 7 October 2016

US Based Nigerian Woman Loses Custody Of Her Children After Her Daughter Reported To The Police She Hit Her

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A U.S-based Nigerian victim of domestic violence has lost custody of her children after her daughter reported her to the police for hitting her.

The woman shared her story via Humans of New York. Read below...

“I was pregnant the first time he hit me. I found another woman in his house. And when I asked who she was, he got violent. He told me: ‘You are not my mother. You have no right to ask me about this.’ Then he hit me. And there was nothing I could do. That sort of behavior is accepted in Nigeria. Nobody is going to call it ‘domestic violence.’ If you tell the police, they will tell you to listen to your husband. But things are different in America. So I left my husband six months after we arrived. I entered a domestic violence shelter. I became a single mother. And I was doing fine. I was working as a security guard and my children were not suffering. But then one day my daughter called the police and told them that I hit her. But that is my right. A mother has the right to discipline her children. They were disobeying me. But the government took my children away and now they won’t give them back. They are oppressing me with their power.”

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