Saturday 31 December 2016

2017 Is Here In Some Parts Of The World! New Zealand And The Pacific Islands Become The First To Welcome The New Year With Firework Spectaculars

The pyrotechnic display included 500kgs of fireworks, 1 tonne of equipment and 10 kilometres of wire
As 2016 draws to a close, revellers around the world are bidding a weary adieu to a year filled with political surprises, prolonged conflicts and deaths of legendary celebrities. Tonga and Samoa in the Polynesian Triangle and Kiribati in the Central Pacific were among the first places in the world to see in 2017. By 1pm GMT, Australia will be entering the New Year. Huge crowds have descended on Sydney Harbour (pictured) ahead of the city's famed fireworks display.

Different coloured fireworks shot out from the Sky Tower in many directions as bright lights lit up the building
The city's famed fireworks display over the harbour will pay homage to Prince and David Bowie, and will be set to a music medley inspired by the late singers.
'We are hoping to make it rain purple this year for the first time, not only off the barges, but also off the Sydney Harbour Bridge,' fireworks director Fortunato Forti said, referencing Prince's hit 'Purple Rain.'
The 7 tons of fireworks launched from barges on the harbor will also include a 'Willy Wonka moment' in tribute to the late actor Gene Wilder's most famous role, fireworks co-producer Catherine Flanagan said. 
An early fireworks display was held for children at 9pm Sydney time ahead of the big event at midnight

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