Wednesday, 28 December 2016

"Please Stop This Face Panel Beating" - Georgina Onuoha Advise Ladies On Makeup

The actress posted the above photo and advised ladies to minimize the way they makeup. Read what she wrote after the cut....

"Men be careful 😂😂😂
Sisters watch out 😂😂😂
Too much of everything is too bad.. 😂😂
Paint with compassion and justice for the sake of posterity 😂😂
Don't paint to a point where you can't even recognize you..
It's a crime 😂😂😂.
How will you explain your wedding pictures to your children twenty years from now..😂😂😂
Please sisters.. drink some kool-aid aids and drink some chill pills..
Be natural
Black is beautiful
Make up should highlight your beauty not change you to a different person entirely.. haba 😂😂 Make una sorry dem brothers small. It's hard enough to raise money to marry and gut wrenching to even marry a fake woman 😂😂😂
Please stop this face panel beating 💗
It's not cute at all 😂😂"

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