Friday 13 January 2017

Baby Girl Who Was Kidnapped From Hospital by A Woman Dressed As A Nurse 18 Years Ago Is Found ALIVE And Living With Her Abductor

Kamiyah Mobley is found alive in South Carolina 18 years after kidnapping

A newborn baby (pictured center in a composite created by police) who was kidnapped from a Florida hospital 18 years ago by a woman pretending to be a nurse has been found alive and well in South Carolina.The mystery of Kamiyah Mobley became a national sensation when she was taken from her mother's arms at the University Medical Center in Jacksonville in July 1998. Jacksonville police have since revealed the teen found out on Friday morning that the woman who has raised her in Walterboro is not her mother. Gloria Williams, 51 (pictured left in a mugshot and right in an old sketch created by police) has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and interference with custody.

He said she first had an inclination a couple of months ago that she may have been involved in the national kidnapping case in some way.
Sheriff Williams said the teen only found out on Friday morning that her concerns had been confirmed. 

'She's taking it as well as you can imagine,' he said. 'We have victim's advocates up there, she has a lot to process, a lot to think about.' 
Gloria Williams was arrested on Friday morning at her home. Kamiyah was not present when she was taken in to custody. 

The sheriff said Kamiyah had lived at the home with Williams and other members of her kidnapper's family. There are no other suspects at this time.  
Williams said he did not know if Kamiyah planned to reunite with her biological family, who he said was 'elated' by the news.
'They were extremely excited, as you can imagine,' he said. 'Overwhelmed with emotion.' 
It was just after 3pm on July 10, 1998 when a woman wearing a blue floral smock and green scrub pants took eight-hour-old Kamiyah in a white blanket and disappeared. 
Authorities said the woman had roamed the halls of the University Medical Center, now UF Health Jacksonville, for 14 hours, according to The Florida Times-Union. 

She had spent five hours with Kamiyah and her mother Shanara Mobley, who had just turned 16 at the time. But nurses thought she was a member of their family. 
It was Kamiyah's grandmother Velma Aiken who became suspicious when she saw the woman leave with a pocketbook slung over her shoulder as she carried Kamiyah away.
'I just feel like if I would have reacted on my feelings…I could have done something,' Aiken said. 'I could have taken that lady out with my bare hands.'

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