Thursday, 12 January 2017

Now It's Snowing In LONDON! Flights Cancelled And Troops Put On Standby As Heathrow Airport Forced To Cancel 80 Flights

There was thick snow in Godalming, Surrey, where the temperature is set to plummet to an icy -1C overnight tonight
The British Army is on standby to help stricken residents across the UK tonight, as they are warned their homes are likely to be flooded as adverse weather conditions lead to dangerous high tides and heavy rain and snow fall. Flights have been cancelled, towns evacuated and there is chaos on the roads as the Big Chill swept across Britain today, bringing eight inches of snow and 93mph hurricane-force winds. 

Falling snow near Tower Bridge in London: The adverse weather conditions have affected commuters travelling through the capital tonight
Heathrow Airport has been forced to cancel 80 flights as the adverse weather reached the South East. Four British Airways flights from Gatwick Airport have also been cancelled. Snow has begun falling across London (centre and bottom left), Surrey (top right) and the south east and commuters were left stranded at rush hour this evening as Canary Wharf tube station closed due to flooding caused by heavy rain. 

Around 35 flood warnings, calling on residents to take 'immediate action', and 55 flood alerts have been issued for the entire east coast of England. In Essex, the town of Jaywick has been evacuated due to fears of flooding. Around 100 soldiers have been drafted into Lincolnshire tonight, working with police to help 3,200 properties vulnerable to flooding over the next 24 hours. Homeowners have been warned that conditions are expected to deteriorate overnight, and a high tide coupled with strong winds could lead to their homes becoming flooded.

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