Sunday, 5 March 2017

Female Preacher Declares Herself God (Photos)

Tchranvoukinni’s church has since been expelled from the Benin community of churches because of their charismatic theologies and clashes with other religions.

It was gathered that five members of her church suffocated to death after they were asked to lock 
themselves up inside a sealed room with burning incense while praying for deliverance.

Tchranvoukinni who is said to call herself ‘Perfect’ and ‘God’s Holy Spirit’, has also ordained her partner, Pope Christopher XVIII.
The Church’s spokesman Cardinal Cesaire Agossa who has continued to defend Tchranvoukinni, insists that she is a divine messenger.
“People do not understand that the Holy Spirit Creator of Heaven and Earth uses the body of Perfect as its temple.
Her mission is to end the reign of Beelzebub, to succeed in exterminating sorcery and all evil spirits that prevent mankind from developing.”
 Tchranvoukinni claims she fell from the sky in northern Benin and was found by a Fulani shepherd in the bush. Her story is a take on immaculate conception.

Tchranvoukinni started the church after meeting her partner, a Catholic priest, Mathias Vigan, from the parish of Sainte-Odile-de-Baname in 2009.
"Perfect" was not yet 20 and had come to be exorcised. But it was the young woman who captivated the man of the cloth, whom she would later install as "Pope Christopher XVIII".
The religious odd couple built up their own congregation and to the chagrin of the Catholic church, Vigan started wearing all-white outfits similar to papal regalia — ornate mitre and all.
Tchranvoukinni meanwhile called herself God.

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