Friday, 17 March 2017

Manchester United kiosk Workers Facing Jail After They Were Caught Stuffing Cash Down Their Trousers

Seven Manchester United kiosk workers are facing jail after a sting caught staff stuffing money down their trousers.

Secret cameras were installed at an Old Trafford burger stand after tills were down day after day. Matchday employees were then caught red-handed helping themselves to takings, Manchester Magistrates Court heard.

Now seven workers have been convicted of theft by employee.
Left to right: Anthony Agabaje and Mustafe Belkhair

Anthony Agabaje, 21, of Folkestone Road West, Clayton, and Mustafa Belkhair, 20, of Beamish Close, Ardwick, denied any wrongdoing but were found guilty at a trial yesterday.

Lugman Arogundada, 22, of Charlestown Road, Blackley, Mwila Bwanga, 20, of Welbeck Street, Gorton, Olamide Oyawaye, 21, of Elfan Crescent, Sandbach, Justino Edmilson, 22, of Tatton Close, Hazel Grove, and Fliavio Andrade, 22, of Lydford, Rochdale, all pleaded guilty to theft.

The seven were linked to around £600 taken when Old Trafford hosted a rugby league match - but in total around £4500 has disappeared.

Heather Alsop, prosecuting, told court Fliavio Andrade, who was team leader at the EK03 kiosk, was at the centre of the scam. A peephole camera was installed at that kiosk after bosses noticed the tills were repeatedly down.

After the clash between Warrington Wolves and Wigan Warriors at United’s ground on Saturday October 8 last year, the tills at the kiosk were found to be £382 short. A full stock check revealed more than £200 of food and drink was missing as well.

CCTV was analysed and the men were arrested.

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