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Monday, 20 March 2017

Xenophobia; South African Pastor Incites His Congregation Against Nigerians. [Photos/Video]

Here's a trending footage of a South African pastor inciting his congregation against Nigerians and Ghanaians. The pastor can be heard ranting how Nigerians only advertise pen*s enlargement products to South Africans. According to him, he believes that Nigerians offering pen*s enlargement drugs and services to South Africans is an insult.

He said he wonders why foreigners like Nigerians could tell South Africans that they need pen*s enlargement as he seemed angry that South African government could tolerate foreigners trading in p*nis enlargement and abortion. 

The South African pastor said the womb of a woman is God's workshop. Thus, committing abortion means destroying the work that God is doing on the woman.

The pastor also said that if he meets anyone with pen*s enlargement product, he will kick the person's teeth out with his 'sharp nose' shoes. He also said if anyone like that has visited his church, he/she should stand up and leave.

Watch Video Below;

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