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Billionaire, Chief Olu Okeowo Completes Dream House In Ikoyi, Lagos - It Has A Lift, Helipad, Jetty & A Chapel [Photos+Video]

Olu Okeowo Completes Dream House In Ikoyi, Lagos
Sir Olu Okeowo is a leading real estate player in the Ikoyi Banana Island and Parkview area of the Island. He is a rich property developer who has developed about 10 mega projects around this choice location. He owns Gibraltar Construction which has done a lot of work in the real estate sector. The big news is that this Knight of John Wesley Church has just completed his dream home in Parkview, Ikoyi. It is a 3-floor Victorian style house with all the luxuries available anywhere in the world. The gangtrian white house which is a replica of Basille Palace in France has just been completed.
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It has taken him about 11 months to complete and it is built on 5 acres of choice land, overlooking the Lagoon. And the building has set him back a few billions. According to reports finding, the land alone is over a billion and the structure also will have gulped about N3 billion, conservatively put.
We could not reach Sir Okeowo as at press time and the security on guard were hostile to us when we visited, chasing us away. But we persisted and ran our on the house. It is a French design of decadent luxury. It has a ground floor, 1st floor and a penthouse, all adorned in marble. If you call it the Marble house you won’t be wrong because everything from the house to the walls of the fence is done in Marble.
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There are about 16 rooms in all and the house has a private Chapel. This is because Sir Olu Okeowo is deeply religions. His late dad in his life time was a Methodist and he is Anglican. So, over the last 10 years, he has been supporting both the Methodist and Anglican churches.
Having lived in his old house for 18 years,  Olu Okeowo and his lovely wife,  Adejoke are set to move into their brand new home  which is inclusive of a Lawn Tennis and Basketball Courts. It is a sprawling edifice that has a lift that takes you right up, from the first floor.

The new house, which is just a few metres away from his old house in Parkview is easily the most beautiful and imposing house in Lagos right now because nobody has built this all marble, all ornamented copy of the Basille Palace I France, in Nigeria. You can’t miss the imposing structure inside Parkview. It has 20 feet tall gatehouse that has a marble generator house with 2 giant size industrial generators, big transformer.
As you drive into the house what hits you is an imposing fountain and roman contrarians all imported. The house which is painted in white has 4 tall graco-roman pillars. There are so many pillars all around the house, right from the gate.
To the left, as you drive into the compound is a brand new AC garage where Okeowo will pack his 15 Limousines – 6 of which are Rolls Royce with personalized numbers GILBATRAR 1,2,3,4,5,6. He also owns Range Rover Jeeps, G Guard Mercedes-Benz Jeeps. By choice, he parks his Limousines inside AC garages and he has built a marble garage for his cars in this new house.
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Next is his staff quarters of 2 floors for his expatriate staff. He is bringing in some South Africans and Phillipinos to come in and maintain the edifice.
The main door leading into the house is about 25 feet tall. The grand floor has a 40 seater private family chapel that has been named Solomon Chapel of Faith. It has a 5 manual pipe organ. There is also a private living room, a private study and a kitchen with the whole furniture  and accessories imported. There is also a gym in the house.
There is a wide flight of Victorian stairs that leads you on to the 1st floor and if you like you could go via the elevator. The first floor has rooms for his 3 sons and the dressing room for his wife and his own dressing room. There is also a big Cinema room.
At the penthouse which overlooks the entire Parkview and gives you a good view of the lagoon is his master bedroom which is very spacious. It also has a spacious bathroom that has all the luxurious accessories from the Jacuzzi to the sauna. It has all you can think of in luxurious living to the Sauna. There is also another Jacuzzi room on that floor and his wife’s room which is equally spacious. All the balustrade are made of marble. There is a royal terrace at the penthouse.
At the back of the main house is an open space, like a garden for parties. It has an arcade where artistes can mount the stage to perform, further down is the Olympic-sized swimming pool which is fully ready and there is the jetty area where he anchors his boats. It is a Victorian style living, all the way.
The entire house is easily the biggest piece of private real estate in Lagos right now. And is 2nd to none. In terms of similarities, it resembles Otunba Subomi Balogun’s Victorian White House in Ikoyi and RasawIsas home also in Ikoyi. It is the most ornamented house.
On why Sir Olu Okeowo chose the Victorian architecture over and above contemporary designs revealed one of the construction workers we found on the site is because he tells then the Victorian design is timeless, whilst contemporary designs keep changing.
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