Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Candid Lens: A Mother's anguish Captured On Camera After Her Child Collapsed

A mother's anguish has been captured in a stunning image of a monkey clutching her collapsed offspring.

The monkey, appearing to be wailing as it holds the limp body of her baby, was photographed in Jabalphur, India, by 31-year-old Avinash Lodhi.

Happily, moments after it was taken, the youngster appeared to make a full recovery.

Avinash said: 'This picture is very close to my heart because throughout my entire photography career I have never seen anything like this.

'It was taken in Madhya Pradesh, in central India, and Avinash said: 

'It was so quick I didn't even know what was happening when I took the picture but as soon as I confirmed the image I was silent for an hour.

'This moment is rare, especially with animals.'

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