Saturday, 20 May 2017

Man Narrates How Woman He Met On Blind Date Forced Him To Have Sex Shares Her Photo

Instagram user, Fredomontana narrated how his blind date took the wrong turn after he was forced to have sex. He thought he was meeting a sexy stripper studying nursing but ended up with the lady pictured in the dress.He wrote

So I went out on a blind date a few days ago with this girl who clearly cat-fished me. We hooked up online and she said she was paying for dinner, I couldn't refuse that offer 😎.I thought I was meeting with a stripper who was also in school studying to be nurse, turns out I was meeting f*ckin Terry Cruz in a wig. She asked me am I LongChicostick527 (my username on tinder). I answered yes because if I said no, she'll knock my ass out. My ass cheeks were sweating like Niagara Falls, it was quite an overwhelming and intimidating dinner because she had out about 8 plates with steak, chicken, ribs, cow, moose, wombat, gorilla you name it!!
 I only had chicken salad and I couldn't even finish it 😥. So after we ate, she gave me this freaky deaky look and asked what are we doing now. I said we can go back to our houses and call it a night, I have work in the morning. She said oh no! The night is not over yet! She grabbed me by the dick, put me in a fireman's carry and carried me to the car and drove me to her place, completely left my car at the restaurant so I know it's towed. We get to her house she told me to strip very aggressively. I didnt know if we were about to have sex or fight for the WWE championship. She stripped her clothes and immediately I know I was the girl tonight. I am still at St. John's hospital with a sprained penis, fractured ribs and blood clots from the hickeys she gave me, sucking my neck like Dracula. I am slowly dying so if anyone wants to visit, you can. 🤕


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