Thursday, 22 June 2017

Abike Tolulope Ghaba Popularly Known As 'JAGABAN' Filled A Petition Over Her Deportation From?

Everyone knows about the much talked about 'Abike Jagaban' and her ongoing issues with the Dublin based woman(Blogger) Since last year, these two refused to lower their guards for each other. At a point in time many assumed that it was a supremacy battle amongst the two. But later it was alleged that the woman in Ireland was just a bully who wanted Jagaban out of the cyber space because of her sudden rise in popularity. 

A London based magazine publisher became the center of ridicule in the fight when his deeds to disgrace his erstwhile friends backfired on him. This light skinned man who owns a shop in Peckham was recently humiliated when the voice recordings of all the people that he gossiped about leaked to the woman in Dublin, and then she decided to shame him on her Facebook show and YouTube. ‎

The Dublin based blogger decided to start another drama when she came out on her show  to humiliate Jagaban by stylishly revealing her immigration status to the public. Many were shocked as to how such a confidential information could be revealed by a third party.

In between their fights a lot of people got involved. 

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Listen to Abike’s audio that brought her into the limelight below :
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Abike came into the limelight after an audio she did went viral on social media, in that audio she cursed out her friend and revealed that her friend’s husband (who was in the dark) was not actually the biological father of their child.
She has since metamorphosed into a facebook motivational speaker campaigning against cyber bullying on social media.

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