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9-Years After She Gave Birth To Octuplets(Eight Babies) In 2009? Check Out Her And Kids Now!

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We probably all remember how Nadia Suleman, also known as ‘Octomom,’ became an overnight sensation after giving birth to octuplets back in 2009. After becoming a celebrity, her life took a turn for the worse, as she struggled to provide for her childre.
…Since then, she has left ‘Octomom’ far behind her, in the dust, and has straightened out her life; and now, she wants to reveal to the whole world who she really is: a devoted and hardworking mother of her children—all 14 of them.

Before Nadia (now Natalie) became ‘Octomom,’ she already had 6 children and wanted to have one more child to complete her family. She visited an IVF clinic (where human eggs are artificially fertilized) and doctors advised her to have 12 embryos implanted, believing that most of them would not survive.
However, 8 of the 12 embryos did survive, and Nadia soon became pregnant with octuplets. Statistically speaking, the chances of this happening naturally are more than one in a trillion.
In 2009, she gave birth to 8 precious new babies, Nariyah, Jonah, Isaiah Josiah, Maliyah, Noah, Jeremiah, and Makai.
After the birth, Nadia was dubbed, ‘Octomom’ and became an overnight celebrity around the world, though her fame also garnered some backlash—some people felt she would be unable to take care of 14 children and attacked her for not having an abortion.
She would not do it, however—Suleman does not believe in abortion.

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Struggling to make ends meet after the octuplets were born, ‘Octomom’ exploited her new-found fame. She found a manager and starred in numerous demeaning adult productions in order to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Yet, very quickly, this path turned into a destructive and unhealthy, downward spiral.

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Her life as ‘Octomom’ eventually led to a prescription drug addiction, which could have killed her had she continued down that road. Instead, one day suddenly, she snapped free of that lifestyle upon seeing how her example was rubbing off on her children. It was right then and there that she decided to “kill” Octomom for good. In 2013, Nadia called it quits.
“It was like I’d escaped prison. That character of Octomom was dead,” said Suleman.

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Now 41, Natalie believes she probably would have died of an overdose had she not cut free of that lifestyle.
Within a month of leaving her manager, Suleman, who is a trained counselor and psychiatric nurse moved back to her home in Orange County, California and got a job counseling troubled women.

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According to Suleman, her exploitative manager threatened to report Natalie to the IRS after fearing to lose her most valued ‘cash cow.’ It was later discovered that Natalie’s management had stolen over $50,000 from her after she had turned her bank account over to them.
“I was guilty of one thing – giving my bank account to my manager and her people for six months,” Suleman said.

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After all she went through, Natalie’s mother passed away of ovarian cancer the following year in 2014, yet Suleman is grateful that they had become very close during their last few years together.
Now, with her life back in her own hands, Natalie’s hands are full, having to take care of 14 children. In order to make life go smoothly at home, Suleman makes sure she goes by a schedule to keep her and her children in a routine. Things are a little easier now that they are older, as they are able to help their mom around the house.

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Now, Natalie hopes to change public opinion about her and her family by showing the world that she is a devoted and hard-working mom and that her octuplets, now 7-years-old, are well-adjusted children and thriving.

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