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After 9 Flings, A Sex Tape Leak And Family Feuds, Amir Khan’s Marriage Ends And Friends Claim It Was Doomed From The Start

Professional boxer Amir Khan's marriage to New York model Faryal Makhdoom was fraught with drama until it ended last week. In fact, the drama started even before they got married and now that they are separated, friends of the boxer are wondering how it even lasted this long and say they knew it was doomed from the start.

Amir was known as a playboy before he got married. Then in 2011, he met Faryal, when she was only 20 years through a mutual friend but he did not slow down with partying and flirting. In January 2012, Amir proposed to Faryal with a £100,000 diamond ring and they threw a lavish £150,000 engagement party. However, weeks later, Amir was seen frolicking with two women in one day in Marbella. One of them was solicitor Tanya Reid who was near-naked in a hot tub with the boxer and the other was promotions girl Natalie Kane.

When the fling made the headlines, Amir tweeted: "U all know I’m engaged and love my fiance @FaryalxMakhdoom to bits. Me and Faryal trust each other regardless where in the world we are."

Before they got married Tanya Reed warned Faryal about Khan after sharing a kiss with him in Marbella, six months before his wedding. She said to Faryal: "Don't marry Amir, he's a cheat."
In spite of the rumours of infidelity, the couple went on to get married in 2013. After their wedding, Amir vowed during an interview that he was ready to settle down
He said: "I've got to look after Faryal, so I won’t be going out partying as much with my friends. I don’t want that any more, I want to do the family thing."
Nonetheless, stories of his alleged infidelity continued to hit headlines. Nine women were linked with him from the time of his engagement till the time they split last week. While Faryal was pregnant with their daughter Lamaisah, now three, Amir is said to have bombarded Bolton shopworker Clair Nuttall with lewd texts. There were also rumours that he slept with model Natalie Fox. Playboy model Carla Howe also claims she slept with the boxer and that he was “obsessed” with her 34DD breasts. She claims he encouraged her to perform sex acts on him and begged for a threesome.
Carla said: "Amir is a cheating scumbag. He treats her like s*** and every other woman he hooks up with. It’s disgusting. She needs to kick him out once and for all because becoming a dad won’t change him."
French lingerie model Eglantine-Flore Aguilar is another woman linked to Amir. They reportedly had sex and Aguilar said on the weekend that she had contacted Faryal to say she should dump her husband.
She said: "I warned her he’s a dirty love rat."
Glamour model Christie Lee Hoyle, who met Amir at a charity event, revealed the fighter showed up at her flat allegedly boasting about the number of women he had seen behind his wife’s back. She also claimed he begged her for bathtime pictures. Eight weeks after the birth of his daughter, a 26-year-old brunette claimed they had met five times in a Bolton car park, where Amir had kissed and fondled her in her car.
The woman who preferred to remain anonymous said: "He’s got a beautiful wife and a lovely baby but he still thinks he can play the field. He really believes all this King Khan crap he’s surrounded himself with."
In 2015 Welsh Big Brother star Lateysha Grace claimed Amir once offered her £2,000 for a foursome in Miami, which she turned down.
Faryal ignored all the rumours and accused the women of being "home-wreckers".
Asides his philandering ways, Amir and Khan's marriage was also plagued with family tensions. Faryal and Amir’s family were constantly feuding and it is believed to have started even before their wedding. Faryal revealed that her family had been very offended when Amir’s family demanded she sign a pre-nup three weeks before the wedding. 
She said: "I couldn’t care less about the money but my parents were very insulted because they were so well off. They didn’t make Amir sign a pre-nup."
She also revealed that her in-laws forced her husband to divorce her when she was pregnant and later claimed his family members slapped her, threw a TV remote control at her and demanded to know her every movement, including trips to the local supermarket. She said they bullied her physically and mentally. They were against the way she dressed and mocked her for her cosmetic surgery, calling her "Michael Jackson".
Amir’s dad Sajjad also labelled Faryal "evil" and said the family "never know when she’ll explode and what pack of lies will come next". He said in January this year: "Their marriage is heading the wrong way, probably for divorce."
At this point, Faryal's parents sent a message to their son-in-law pleading with him not to consider divorce. 
"We have hearts, hearts that are broken when we hear such things. We are living in fear that at any moment our daughter will get divorced," said Faryal's mother.
"Please accept the girl as your own daughter. And please don't say such a word to any girl, to anyone's daughter. We are parents too. We are living in fear that at any moment our daughter will get divorced. May they always live happily."
In January this year, a sex tape leaked of Amir performing a sex act on himself while chatting on Skype to an American model, allegedly made soon after his wedding. After it emerged, Amir and Faryal appeared on ITV’s This Morning together, to insist the tape was made before they met. They also said it was leaked by someone out to humiliate them, possibly a family member.
The feud between the couple and Amir's family came to a head after the boxer fired his father as his manager in February. Later, Faryal intervened and on her advice, Amir invited his dad to watch the Pakistan versus India ICC Champions Trophy match at Edgbaston, Birmingham, with him one weekend. The couple vowed to heal the rift during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and get it all behind them.
Amir and Faryal were discussing adopting a child from Gambia and their marriage seemed to be enjoying a scandal-free period when Amir suddenly announced on Twitter last week that they had agreed to split. Friends say the split does not come as a surprise that it was only a matter of time.
Below are photos of the women Amir reportedly had affairs with from the time he was engaged to  Faryal, through their marriage.

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