Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Housewife Docked For Allegedly Stealing Lover’s Money After Sex. Photo

A 33-year-old housewife accused of stealing her lover’s money while they were in a lodge will know her fate on August 30 when court delivers its verdict on the case. Ms Phiona Kyasimiire closed her defence on Tuesday before Grade One Magistrate, Ms Beatrice Khaiza. She is accused of stealing Shs6 million (over N600K) and an unspecified amount of dollars from a man with whom she had a one-night sexual affair in a lodge on June 17.
“Your worship, I met that gentleman in a hangout called Diners Club in Bukoto and together, we drunk with his friends. He asked me to go spend a night with him. They showed us a room where to sleep,” Kyasimiire submitted in her defence. “…when it was coming to 5am, he woke me up and we went for a shower after which he asked me to stay with him a little longer that I would return home at midday. I replied him that I had some builders at home I needed to attend to.”

The Ugandan woman said her one-night lover allowed her to leave. But she said she had asked him for money for transport which he declined to give her on account that he had used all the money on booze and other merriment the previous evening.

“I didn’t argue with him since I had agreed to spend a night with him not expecting anything in return like a prostitute,” she told court.

She said after one and a half weeks, the man and several people drove to her home, arrested her and detained her at Kira Road Police Station in Uganda.

She said that at Kira Road Police Station, the man threatened and told her to sell her house to refund the money she allegedly stole.

Ms Kyasimiire told court that refused to sell the house because it belonged to her husband.

She testified that police officers searched her house in the presence of the village chairperson and confiscated some building materials claiming that she bought them using the stolen money.

Ms Khaiza adjourned the matter to August 30 for judgement.

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