Thursday, 7 September 2017

JUJU: Two Suspected Car Thieves Fall Victim To 'Evil Spell' - Strip Naked After Stealing A Car In Kenya (Photos/Video)

Mombasa residents

 MOMBASA, Kenya, Sep 6 – Mombasa residents were Wednesday morning treated to a spectacle when two suspected car thieves put on quite the show.
Believed to be the victims of some ‘strong medicine’ in the form of black magic set on them by the owner of the vehicle they are suspected of stealing, the men stripped naked and began bathing in a pool of mud.
They then proceeded to dance around the vehicle in their nakedness with a snake wrapped around the neck of one of the two gentlemen as though it were a scarf.
Crowds of spectators gathered round the vehicle to watch the duo who wound up their performance by climbing on top of the vehicle, covered in mud, to address them before they were taken in by police.

They are currently being held at the Bamburi Police Station as officers search for the owner of the vehicle to break the spell they are thought to be under.
Similar spectacles have been witnessed in the past with those who’ve ‘lost property’ seeking out the services of witchdoctors for their recovery.
Sign boards can often be seen nailed to wooden electricity poles advertising these services.

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