Wednesday, 3 January 2018

23 Year Old Ex Christian Convent School Girl Auctions Her Virginity For $1Million

An Ex christian convent School girl completely gave up the whole "keeping her virginity" and now places it online for a cost of $1 million as auction. 
This event came up after she had her greatest heartbreak, catching her boyfriend cheating on her, she said she want to loose her virginity in the mist profitable way ever.
Bailey Gibson, the 23 year old lady auctioned herself through the moonlite bunny ranch which is known for their publicity stunt and their celebrity chantel. 
According to the communication director to claims that even as her virginity auction is less than a day, it is still a hit
He said
“Based on the deluge of inquiries resultingfrom our recent newsletter announcement to Bunny Ranch clientele about Bailey’s virginity auction, brothel owner Dennis Hof expects her virginity to go for mid-six figures to seven figures,” Mr Lemur said.

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