Thursday, 4 January 2018

Only In Nigeria; Policemen Deployed As Bodyguards For The Rich

Socialite E-Money surrounding himself with policemen as security guards.The Five-star chairman, E-money, and Kcee are currently in Awka to pay their last respect to a deceased relative.

The billionaire businessman took to his social media page share this photo of himself, Kcee and their securities all set for Awka to pay last respect to a late relative. 

One cannot but wonder what they have reduced the Nigerian police to. Policemen that are supposed to be protecting the public are in one man's compound running errands for alleged 'yahoo boys'.  
What happened to engaging the services of licensed professional private bodyguards? In a civilized society, that is what is obtainable.

What happens to president Buhari's directive that policemen should not be deployed as bodyguards for private citizens.

 This E-money's taste is disgusting.

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