Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Flight Attendant Caught With $500k Cash Stuffed In Her Baggage

Most of us get clammy hands just thinking about getting found doing mildly shady stuff - like eating someone else's food from the office fridge or Facebook stalking an ex. But what if you got caught red-handed with $500,000 (£370,000) of smuggled cash on you? Now that's incredibly awkward.

A Jet Airways flight attendant has landed herself in deep water after reportedly trying to smuggle the huge sum out of the country, and it's all been caught on camera. 
Devshi Kulshreshta, 25, was arrested after authorities searched her baggage and found wads of $100 bills, which had been shoved below makeup and shoes. They'd been packed into foil wrappers to evade the x-ray scanner.
Acting on a tip-off, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence officials intercepted the Jet Airways flight, which was leaving Delhi for Hong Kong at 2am on Monday. In a statement, they said they found $480,200 (£355,420) wrapped in foil in her possession.
The woman was allegedly working with Amit Malhotra, a New Delhi resident who ran a network to smuggle currency, who has also been arrested.
Malhotra had reportedly befriended Kulshreshta six months ago during a flight to India, and since planned to collect money from bullion dealers in Delhi before sending it abroad through her. The money was then brought back to India in gold form.
The DRI has also said that it suspects a few other crew members of Jet Airways could be involved in the smuggling scandal.
Credit: Newsflare
Credit: Newsflare
Not long ago a Canadian woman was caught trying to smuggle cocaine into Sydney, and was jailed for seven and a half years. She was found by Aussie Border Force officials, who discovered a suitcase containing 30kg of cocaine - estimated to be worth up to £12 million ($16m/AUD$20.5m) - in her shared cabin on board a ship operated by California-based Princess Cruises. 
When pleading guilty to importing a commercial quantity of a border-controlled drug, she she had been given an ultimatum by an unnamed person over a $20,000 (£14,800) debt, saying that she had been threatened and was told the debt would be wiped if she was willing to give a bag to another passenger to be filled with the drugs.
God, these people must have nerves of steel, considering the rest of us get a bit nervy after setting the alarm off at airport security even when we've done nothing wrong. And rightly so - we all know the rumours of what goes down at customs when you need to be searched. No ta!

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