Monday, 22 January 2018

Popular Filmmaker Toyin Abraham Gets Called Out For Not Paying Upcoming Actresses

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Nigerian movie star, Toyin Abraham announced some few days back that she would need some people for a cameo appearance at a wedding scene in her coming movie and that the scene would be shot the next day.
Apparently, some aspiring stars had obeyed the clarion call hoping to get a shot at appearing in the movie alongside many top Nollywood stars, but as fate and luck would have it, the scene was postponed after the extras had reportedly waited for twelve hours.

Some upcoming actresses who were on set during the shoot have called out the popular filmmaker for her unprofessional conduct 
“the production was filled with aggression, abusive words, confusion and the likes. Toyin Aimakhu walked up to us at 8pm with the news that shooting would no longer hold that night”
One of them named Sandra Ukele claimed they were left stranded, this was after she took it upon herself to ask for some stipends, at least to cover for their expenses to the location. This didn’t go well with Toyin Abraham who yelled at them, stating that as an actor, there must be sacrifices and this was one of them
“Shame on you Toyin Abraham" another named Chioma Nwosu emphasized, "It is never done that you call artistes to your set from morning to night, starve them, them send them away penniless without further ado. This is a disgrace. If you do not have money to pay artistes, DO NOT SEND OUT A NOTICE REQUESTING EXTRAS ON YOUR SET."

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