Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Popular Slay Queen, Classic White Passes On To Glory As Friends, Besties, Boyfriend Pays Tribute. RIP Classy!

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Classy white who is popular on Facebook for her Slaying pictures passes on to glory between the late  hours of Friday 19th and Saturday 20th January, 2018

Her Bestie OG Paparazzi  has this to say
I still cant believe that your not with us, i still refuse to listen to my heart, i know you wont be here to read this and i still don’t know why I’m still writing this. I really wanted to meet you soon after the exams but i never thought I’ll be seeing you the way i saw you today. I just wish life never took this cruel turn on you, life is really unpredictable and today i have seen it. Have so much to talk but you are not here, the one truth that we all have to live with from now on.Rest in Peace my dear. We’ll cherish every moment that we all spent together as best friends.

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