Saturday, 3 February 2018

Ahead Of 2019:Gov Ajimobi’s Brother, Wasiu Becomes Oyo’s New Power Broker (As Politicians Run to Him to Seek Brother’s Support)

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Ibadan had witnessed the coming and going of political titans and influencers in the past. Families like Adelabus, Adedibus, Akinloyes, Akinjides, Adelakuns can not go missing in the history of Ibadan and the politics of Oyo State. Right now the family name of the present Governor of Oyo State, Senator Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi has entered into the record of the state as he wields so much power and becomes the determinant factor of who becomes the Governor in 2019.

All the opposition parties, the PDP, Labour Party, Accord, SDP are all waiting for the Governor’s candidate in the coming election, even in his party, the APC follower and members are daily following the Governor’s body language as to where to go before 2019.

In the scheme of things comes the Governor’s brother, Wasiu, a government contractor who relocated to Nigeria from the United States after his brother became the Governor.

Right now, the socialite who enjoys the privilege of being the Governor’s ears has become the toast of the city.

Anywhere you go in Ibadan, the mention of his name gains attention and it’s like Wasiu is the de facto Deputy-Governor that can get you anything you want from the Governor.

Ahead of 2019, Wasiu is living life to the fullest. Politicians and contractors alike seek him on a daily basis.

 He is said to have the mastery to read the Governor’s mind and also interprete his ways. Anytime the Governor is angry, Wasiu is called to appease him, he is said to be the only one that has such power to take you to the Governor without booking any appointment. So was the influence he wields that has made him one of the most sought after men in the State.

Right now, all the politicians seeking elective positions ahead of 2019 are hot on the heels of the Governor’s brother and he enjoys the attention which brings him not only respect but other benefits.

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