Tuesday, 13 February 2018

#BBNaija: Lizzy Anjorin Exposes Tobi Bakre, Canvasses For Support

Voting has officially commenced for nominated housemates, and celebrities have already started to campaign for their faves.

Actress Lizzy Anjorin took to her Instagram page to campaign for housemate, Tobi and also revealed how his mum helped her business.

She also said his parent is rich and he doesn't need money. She shared a photo collage with Tobi's mom and wrote;

"Hey. Egbami ke!!! Allow me to expose Tobi Bakre of BBNG.
He is a banker,he acquired Bsc @ age 19. When am talking, he hardly raise his head to look into my eyes,Very humble and respectful. I swear Tobi will be the last person I could ever imagine to see on screen. Pardon me, hustle neva gree me enjoy most of the nice screened programs. I was scrolling through my IG handle and I saw my own Tobi Bakre in BBNG HOUSE. The most evil thing you can do is to be praising the good deed of your Godsent after they have died. Allow me to tell you who Tobi is. Tobi's mum was my account manager years back, she entrusted millions in my hand for business and she also introduces me to nice customers that would purchase it. Tobi's daddy gave me his multimillion naira mansion for film shooting for good 4months to shoot without collecting a dime instead he gave me more money. Apart from that, Anytime I visit Agò-ìwoye tobi will vacate is room and stay downstairs.During my Owo Nairabet movie premiere, I swear to God, Tobi's mum came with 30 powerful dignitaries that blessed me with � is only Tobi's dad that celebrate my birthday twice in a year. Dad yaff double stored my BD date. There is no way I will write my success story without mentioning Mrs Bakre, she treats me like her 1st child and her husband will call and say "Lizzy, its been long I settle you. Check your account and manage that token for the weekend".
Funny enough, Mr & Mrs Bakre always treat me like a diamond in the sky. I am saying it boldly that what I have become today in business is through the help of God and Mrs Bakre. The irony of life, when Tobi's parents met me. They fell in love with all they have with me. Who would have thought any of their children would be on screen? Mr & Mrs Bakre each time you put a smile on my face, I say to you...your children will be celebrated all over the world. Tobi wins, win or the other way round. I know one day you will rule this country cos you are born to rule. For the sake of thousands of people, your parents feed every week in AGO -IWOYE, your parent's good deeds will always pave ways for you where ever you go. please, let's make Tobi Bakre win on BBNG.

This is my reaction when people accused tobi of being too weak towards women...Can't you guys recognise (YORUBA ANGEL FROM YORUBA DEMON)..Tobi Bakre is a complete undiluted Yoruba angel.
People have been complaining about tobi and cee cee me "tobi" cannot hurt, I think we should all appreciate tobi for being a Yoruba Angel, not Yoruba demon ...Tobi emulate a wonderful caring spirit from his father..people saying Tobi's parent is rich he doesn't need money .i think we should not allow hate and jealousy to ruin our life...we are to love people that deserve love ..we should embrace people that render help to the society...Tobi's parent good deed has paved way for him already so lets support the right person for the right price, let him win so that tobi can emulate spirit of giving from his parent....when we talk about bad economy ..our hate towards successful people ruin our economy all over the world not govt ...we should learn to Appreciate Good deed,to serve as a lesson to others...if i can swallow my Pride and do dis too can quench hate and support the successful ones so that you can be one ...We all should understand that the poor ones will definitely climb success ladder through successful people in the society ..#Tobi Win...#TeamTobi# #ParentgoodwillpavesWaysFor theirChildren#"

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