Saturday, 17 March 2018

Trafficked Nigerian Lady Sternly Warns Her Madam, Queen Godwin Iyobo To Let Her Go (Video)

Trafficked Nigerian lady sternly warns her madam, Queen Godwin Iyobo to let her go  lailasnews

A Trafficked Nigerian lady identified as Jennifer, who was taken through Libya to Europe, took to social media to sternly warn her Madam whose name she gave as Queen Godwin Iyobo to let her go, following the revoking of curses Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare 11 initiated.

Facebook user, Aolat Oluwatomisin Sule-Ahlonsou who shared the videos of the trafficked Nigerian lady wrote; 

Please, Nigerians plead Jennifer’s case with her madam, Queen Godwin (Queen Iyobo on facebook) who trafficked poor Jennifer through the Mediterranean desert via Libya into Europe for prostitution.

Trafficked Nigerian lady sternly warns her madam, Queen Godwin Iyobo to let her go lailasnews 2

Jennifer was billed to pay Queen €35,000 of which she had paid €30,000 remaining €5,000 (all this money was paid out of Jennifer’s proceeds from prostituting herself as she was compelled to). Jennifer is refusing to pay her Madam Queen the €5,000 remaining because last week

THE Benin Monarch, Oba Ewuare 11, placed a curse on perpetrators of human trafficking in Edo state as well as native doctors who administer oath of secrecy on victims, asserting that the gods of Benin Kingdom would destroy those involved in the illicit trade.

Being that Edo indigenes respect the Oba/throne and fearful of the resultant effects of the Oba’s curses placed on perpetrators of this ill trade, poor Jennifer is caught in the middle but the madam said Oba’s curses does not apply to her and Jennifer has to pay the €5,000 remainder else she will diabolically effect mental health issues on her.
Madam Queen Godwin Iyobo, please let go of Jennifer, it is indeed hard work to earn a living in Europe especially from prostituting day and night. Do not use her panties and pubic hair in your possession to harm her as threatened.
Please plead Jennifer’s case with madam Queen.

Video 2: the lady is very bitter and speaks against the huge amount the madams (human traffickers) request from girls and calls on girls to stop paying such as Oba Ewuare 2 of Benin has recently called for a ban on the trade invoking curses on perpetrators.

Here’s the video below; 

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