Friday 20 April 2018

PASTOR or PREDATOR? "Pastor Sunday Adelaja Wanted Sex From Me, Has My Photos"

A popular Nigerian Pastor, Sunday Adelaja has been busted by one of his church members who disclosed to JoelsBlog that the Pastor has wronged so many Women in his Church.

Using his Power and Influence as the General Overseer, Pastor Sunday Adelaja is known for abusing and sleeping with young girls including married women who had all left after he asked to sleep with them,Not Once was he (Sunday Adelaja) questioned on why they left!

There is an on-going movement on Facebook with the Harsh tag, #Istandforthetruth to make sure those women got Justice, A Lady Fleur Carine Marin took to her Facebook wall to call
out to the pastor, she wrote;

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No lie can live forever… Truth will prevail

How much longer must this go on ? 
When did this start ?
How many are involved ?
How many lives will it cost in the end ? 
My heart is still bleeding…

They have a voice, but can’t speak
They have so much to tell, but suffer in silence
They came with hope
They left deceived
They were enthusiastic
They became half-hearted
I am looking for those women…

Some left with shame
Carrying a heavier burden
Why is no one asking for them ?
Where are those women who were ready to change nations for The Almighty God ?
They all disappeared from Sunday ADELAJA’s platform
How is it possible?
They all had a testimony !

Sunday ADELAJA, What Have You Done ?!! 
They came to you with a sincere thirst for change
What Have You Done With them and To them ?

Who’s directly involved ?
Let the brethren comfort all you who are hurting
Let all who know about this speak up for God has not given us a spirit of fear 1 Tim 2 :7
Where are women who loved Sunday ADELAJA’s platform but suddenly disappeared ? 

Has anyone asked about them ? 
How is it that Nobody cares ? 
People feel comfortable 
This didn’t happen to them
Their family members are not involved 
And they have no idea of what happened to those women
Because of the fame or their position they closed their eyes to the truth ! 

I have been passionate
You tried to manipulate my feelings
I have been patient
You repeated indecent proposals
I have been grateful
You wanted something I couldn’t give you
Sunday ADELAJA, What Have You Done ? 
Because of your fleeting fame, success and authoritative position, have you lost all sense of moral values ?

You have tried to steal my hope 
What kind of demonic spirit leads you ?
Stop talking about pastors who lie to their members without any covering
Let's talk about women who leave your home without their virginity !!
Sunday ADELAJA you are an Harvey Weinstein in the Church of the Lord Jesus-Christ
I have to bring it to light !

As a father, you have aspirations for your daughters
Other fathers also prayed for their daughters
Your daughters have many dreams
Those women had dreams too 
But you decided to see them all as preys

This masquerade can’t continue any longer
Sunday ADELAJA, I formally ask you : give me back my pictures !
You forced me to send them to you in private
I publicly ask you to give them back to me !
You asked them for your perception 
While you don’t see that your actions lead to destruction 
I refuse to be any part of that charade
Those pictures were intended to a noble goal
I don’t allow you to use them for any form of perversion

Sunday ADELAJA, how could you have such a big rock in your eyes 
And point at the dust in other people’s eyes ?
You are not faithful to one wife 
And you are talking about changing a nation
I just don't understand this foolishness
Because of fame and popularity you closed your eyes to holiness 
Did you sell your soul to the devil ?
What Have You Done ?

Your Facebook live broadcasts became a hunting ground
And Skype a secret place 
You asked me to be your mistress
What Have You Done ?

You abused my confidence
And exhausted me with your stark questions
I have had to remind you your status as a married man
This didn’t happen once
What Have You Done ?

Your system is well oiled
The women receive the invitation to follow you on skype
They innocently join you 
Just a question : who are you charming at this moment ?
How many are involved ?
How many promises have you made and keep on making to them ?
They are Single ladies 
Single moms
And Married women in unhappy homes
What Are You Doing ?

Are you a thief of wives ?
Are you a sexual prowler?
How can this be ?
Who said you are doing good ?
Who tried to stop you ?
What kind of sickness is it ?
Are you the Tariq Ramadan of christians ?
I had a lot of respect for you
The One who called me is my fear
What Are You Doing ?

Daughters of God are not objects 
Didn’t you find another place to empty your tank ?
Where are numerous pictures and videos you asked from the countless women you poached during your evil activities ?
Could you return them back to the owners ?
What is this kind of animalistic behavior ?
Who are your next preys ?
They come to you as their pastor, while trusting their God
You pretend helping them with the right hand 
But destroy them with the left hand 
How many women did you rob of their mid night hours ? 
How many women did you rob of their daily hours ?
You have robbed destinies
You have robbed passions
How many love letters did you write to them, demanding that they love you as their ultimate man? 
You have killed many with your perversion 
You have robbed dreams 
You have derailed a lot 
All for selfish reasons !
What Are You Doing ?

How many quit the church ?
How many lost their faith in God ?
How many sank into depression ?
How many thought about killing themselves ?
How many gave up ?
How many ?
You don’t care !
Molester with an unrepentant heart
What’s really wrong with you ? 
Are you aware of the madness of your acts ?
Are you aware of the wickedness of your heart ?
What Are You Doing ?

Are women intended for this ?
Do daughters of God deserve this ?
Are your followers aware of this ?
Does your innocent wife deserve this ?
For God's sake! What Are You Doing ?

And Moses and Aaron went in unto Pharaoh, and they did so as the LORD had commanded: and Aaron cast down his rod before Pharaoh, and before his servants, and it became a serpent. Then Pharaoh also called the wise men and the sorcerers: now the magicians of Egypt, they also did in like manner with their enchantments. Exodus 7 :10-11

In our quest for results, fame and achievements we don't lose our fear of God
Pagans are also famous and show results
No lie must live forever
The truth must prevail

For the sake of 
The Almighty God,
The Truth
And Sunday ADELAJA’s victims

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