Wednesday 30 May 2018

Deported Man Takes It Out On Wife And Mother-In-law - Almost Cuts Wife's Head

Deported man takes it out on wife and almost cuts her head

In Benin, Edo State,  Iyen Igiebor, a Nigerian man who was reportedly deported to the country has taken it out on his wife.
The victim who is also battling to live through a machete attack was ambushed alongside mother while returning from a market at Ikpoba Hill located in the capital.

 The deported man takes it out on the wife and almost cuts her head play
Iyen Igiebor has been arrested by the police while his wife recovers at the hospital.

According to reports, Igiebor had a fight with his wife who reportedly refused to move into a new apartment with him.

The returnee, who has been arrested by the police lived with his in-laws shortly after deportation report says.

“He asked the wife to follow him to a place to go and rent a place (apartment), but the woman said that she could not go to the area.

“The man asked why and they started fighting before the woman left. They have not seen each other for over two weeks and only he has been living in that place.

“The woman and the mother were coming back from the market at night, at about 9pm and did not know that the man was waiting for them.

“He wanted to cut off the woman’s head, but she defended herself with her hand and sustained a cut. He also injured his mother-in-law," a source told Punch.

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