Friday, 11 May 2018

He Chatter Flight To Abuja But Drive Okada In Ekiti, Adeyeye Berates Fayose As He Dumps PDP

He chatter flight to Abuja but drive Okada in Ekiti, Adeyeye berates Fayose as he dumps PDP
Dayo Adeyeye who was defeated by Prof Olusola-Eleka in the Ekiti Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) primary berates the governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose for his flamboyant lifestyle. He accused Fayose of using chattered flight he was heading to Abuja but go around Ekiti State in Motor-cycle.
Adeyeye said he was leaving the PDP for good but did not announced his next destination but promised to use all he has to liberate Ekiti people from the PDP.
“I am leaving the party because the party can change but your state cannot change, the party can change, your hometown cannot change,” he said.

“I can’t be part of enslavement, I can’t be part of corruption, I can’t be part of those keeping our people in poverty but spend billions of naira on chartered flights to Abuja every year and will be riding okada (commercial motorcycle) at home.
“Our party leaders in Abuja were surprised at my performance at the primary despite the intimidation but I told them that I can change party, party may go into extinction but Ekiti will remain.
“I will not, because of party affiliation, allow Ekiti to be destroyed. That is why we will take decision today on where we are going.
“Since Tuesday, civil servants, teachers, local government workers have become sad. Ekiti has been enveloped in mourning.
“What is paramount in my mind is to liberate Ekiti. Today, we will not reveal where we are going yet, but we are no longer where we were before.” he added.

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