Wednesday 20 June 2018

Revealed! Why Fela Fought MKO Abiola Over ITT Tagged 'International Thief-Thief' - Segun Aka Basorun Watch (Video)

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For the very first time in history, the story of the battle between late Afrobeat music legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Nigeria’s symbol of democracy late Chief MKO Abiola is revealed. Fela who released the album titled ‘International-Thief-Thief’ in the 80s to chastise the late business mogul over his alleged unwholesome deal with an American Telephony firm, ITT, claiming Abiola defrauded Nigeria of millions of naira over a telephony deal for all homes across Nigeria, which he allegedly refused to install but later pocketed the money.

However, son of a late legal luminary Chief Alao Aka Basorun, Segun Aka Basorun has debunked the story that MKO Abiola looted ITT or Nigerian Government. Alao Aka Basorun who is seen as the ‘Godfather of Civil liberty struggle in Nigeria’ was a lawyer to both FELA and MKO Abiola in his lifetime. Segun Aka Basorun who stumbled on some documents inside his father’s chambers after dad passed away in October 1st, 2005 gave us the full and true details of FELA’s battle with MKO. 

Speaking to Asabe Afrika TV team during the celebration of the famous June 12 election’s 25th anniversary recently, Segun told us the story of the deal that turned both FELA and MKO into sworn enemies. We finally asked him ‘Who is the greatest Nigerian that ever lived between FELA and MKO Abiola?’. His answer will shock you. Enjoy the clip!

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