Thursday, 28 June 2018

Soldiers Allegedly Molest Man Who Called Them To Victimise His Neighbour

It was gathered that Victor had a misunderstanding with his neighbour identified as Prince who accused him of stealing N145,000 from his house after allegedly gaining access through the ceiling.
The matter was taken to the police station where the case was settled.

After that, Victor was said to have used a rod to hit his neighbour while they were finally settling the case in their area in the presence of a chairman. Victor reportedly ran into his house and locked himself in after attacking his neighbour over the fear of being beaten by Prince’s boys.
According to reports, Victor was said to have called soldiers to come to his rescue and accused his neighbour of trying to attack him in his house.

When the soldiers arrived, people in the area who knew what went down including the chairman – were angry as they queried why the attacker called soldiers for his victim.
Based on that, the chairman told the soldiers to molest Victor who called them and teach him a lesson for his act of disrespect.
Victor was beaten and made to sit down on a muddy water on the road as he was given a public humiliation.

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