Wednesday 21 November 2018

Defiant Trump Refuse Sanction Saudi Arabia And Its Crown Prince Over Jamal Khashoggi's Death Saying He Will Not Risk Losing 'Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars To Russia And China'

Trump refuses to sanction Saudi crown prince over death of Khashoggi
On the White House lawn the president said he was right not to sanction or blame Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for the journalist's torture and death because Saudis invest in U.S. jobs. He doubled down on a lengthy written statement earlier and said that American jobs come first - then denied his own business dealings had anything to do with his decision. 

The CIA has concluded determined that MBS, Saudi's de facto ruler, ordered the killing but Trump said to take their business elsewhere and oil prices would go through the roof if he imposed a penalty on its regime. Washington Post journalist Khashoggi was tortured and killed in Saudi's consulate in Istanbul by a team of agents who flew back to Saudi after it - one of them walking out of the building in the dead man's clothes after telling another agent it was 'spooky' wearing them.

Trump suggested that among the deals which would be at stake were investment in military equipment made by Saudi Arabia, which he claimed was part of a $400 billion investment by Saudi in the U.S. 

'They're paying us 400 billion plus,' he claimed. 'That's probably the biggest amount ever paid to the United States. This is over a long period of time.'

In the past, the president has claimed a $110 billion investment from the Saudis in defense equipment that would disappear if the U.S. sanctioned the nation's military sector.

'If you think I'm going to let Russia have that money or those things, if you think I'm going to let China make the military equipment — hey, China and Russia would love to make a hundred billion dollars worth of military equipment from Saudi Arabia. We have the contracts. They wanted those contracts,' he said on Tuesday.

'That would be a big fat beautiful gift to Russia and China. They are not going to get that gift.'

He also said that he believed Saudis would send up global oil prices, which he took personal credit for keeping low.

'Saudi Arabia, if we break with them, I think your oil prices would go through the roof,' he said. 'I've kept them down. They've helped me keep them down.'

If he were to act against the kingdom, Trump suggested there would be a global economic meltdown. 

'Right now we have oil prices in great shape. I'm not going to destroy the world economy, and I'm not going to destroy the economy for our country by being foolish with Saudi Arabia.'

He added, 'I think the statement was pretty obvious what I said. It's about America First.' 

Trump also denied that he had any personal financial interest in Saudi Arabia, saying: 'Well I have nothing to do with Saudi — just so you understand. 

'I don't make deals with Saudi Arabia. I don't have money from Saudi Arabia. I have nothing to do with Saudi Arabia. I couldn't care less,' he insisted. 'As most of you know, being president has cost me a fortune, and that's okay with me. I knew that a long time ago.'

He said the presidency has cost him more than he's profited, although he refused to say how much.

'Being president has cost me a fortune. A tremendous fortune like you've never seen before. But some day I'll tell you what that is.'

His claims came in response to the critical reception that a lengthy written statement defending Saudi Arabia had received.

Before he pardoned two Thanksgiving turkeys, Trump indicated that he wasn't convinced by the CIA's version of the events leading to Khashoggi's death.

'Our intelligence agencies continue to assess all information, but it could very well be that the Crown Prince had knowledge of this tragic event – maybe he did and maybe he didn't!' the president said.

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