Tuesday 4 December 2018

Bishop Oyedepo Reacts To Reports That President Buhari Was Cloned In The United Kingdom..

Bishop Oyedepo reacts to reports that President Buhari was cloned in the United Kingdom (Video)

The Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, (Winners’ Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo, has reacted to report that President was cloned in the United Kingdom, UK.
The reports making the rounds had it that Buhari was dead and the President in Aso Rock was Jibril El Sudan.
But, Oyedepo, speaking from Living Faith Church at Canaan land, Ota, on Sunday called on Buhari to as a matter of urgency, address the nation on the ‘serious allegation’.
The cleric urged the congregation to pray to God to deliver Nigeria from slavery, shame, and reproach.
Oyedebo noted that the report flying about “claiming among others that President Muhammadu Buhari had d_ied in the UK while undergoing medical treatment,” was disturbing.
He explained further that he had read an article which claimed “The cabals in Aso Rock had procured a Buhari double in Sudan and made him Nigeria’s President.
”That also the representative of Jubril’s family who discovered the gigantic swindled suddenly showed up in Abuja and demanded to be compensated with the power-sharing arrangement at the federal level in perpetuating plus 50 per cent of the Nigerians Oil revenues for 10 years in the first instance.
”The question is, has Nigeria now become a population of fools?’I believe it is time to come out of our slumber and salvage this country from slumber if this evil tide is not dealt with decisively, Nigeria may be about to be re-colonized again but this time by another African country, what a shame and misfortune that would be, God forbid.
“If everything going on this issue particularly this outburst by the newspaper are mere speculation then let our President address the national issue right away to clear the nation.
”If the president will not address the nation on a subject as sensitive as this, it must have been proved beyond any iota of doubt that maybe he is not our president. On this note, we will rise and pray to God to rescue Nigeria, deliver this nation from slavery, restore the dignity of this nation, destroy the hold of evil men of our nation and deliver this Nation from shame, and reproach.”

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