Sunday 17 February 2019

Election Postponement: Oshiomhole Asks INEC To Apologize, But The Look On Mahmood Yakubu's Face Got Nigerians Talking

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Adams Oshiomhole has demanded an apology from INEC for embarrassing Nigerians.

The APC Chairman made this demand at INEC's stakeholders' meeting today after the postponement of the elections.

But the look and expression on INEC Chairman, Mahmood Yakubu's face is epic. The look got Nigerians talking.

Many accused Oshiomhole of 'acting out a script".

See some comments about the expression of INEC Chairman, Mahmood Yakubu when Oshiomhole asked INEC to apologize.

Affyee @AffyIsoni
"Lol, look at how INEC chairman is starring at him😂😂😂"

ATIKUNLA @ish_boi33
"The look on chairman face is priceless. Something sinister is brewing"

Uche Samuel @uchesame
"The way prof was looking at him."

Oluwafemi. @olu_wa_phemi:
"Mans just looking at Adams like: “you didn’t say you will be this harsh backstage na 😩”

Adams Oshiomole demands apology from INEC and implies they need to stop acting like they don’t owe us any credible explanations. You’ve embarrassed us as a nation....
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What do you think about the expression and look on INEC Chairman's face? 

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