Sunday 24 March 2019

Gloria Strasser 19 Years Later: The Wife of Captain Valentine Strasser Grants First Exclusive Interview

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Gloria Strasser is the legally married wife to former Sierra Leone’s Head Of State, Captain ( Rtd) Valentine Strasser. The former “First Lady” of Sierra Leone has always been away from the public domain leaving a quite and conservative life. Many people know her only by name but not my face or even what her voice sounds like. 
However, recent news on Social Media about a former mistress, Amelia Rogers purporting to be on a mission to rescue the former head of state prompted Makoni Times News- Sierra Leone to embark on an investigation to see where things really went wrong with the former head of state. In the process of our investigation, we were able to get a lead to Madam Gloria Strasser who was kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview to clarify a certain misconception about the trend of the event in the “Strasser Sage.” 

Madam Gloria respectfully granted us the interview on the basis of  setting the records straight on certain issues she felt uncomfortable about. However, she was very clear that her interest is not to discuss what she considered a personal matter in public as a sign of respect to Captain Strasser and above all to protect their only son Valentine Strasser Jnr.  ” That is why for over 19 years I  decided to leave a quite life like any other normal human being… But, one thing though I will not allow a certain individual to continue misleading  the public about her relationship with Val and the role she played in his present predicament.” 
Listen to this short exclusive interview on sound cloud and stay tuned for other editions on this story. If you have any interest in this story email us at:
 Makoni Times News – SoundCloud – Listen to Gloria Strasser: In her words, 19 years later. Makoni Times News by Patric Foryoh #np on #SoundCloud
Strasser and Gloria during the early days of the NPRC

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