Friday 29 March 2019

Wife Calls Out Facebook User Hanging Out With Her Husband, She Replies

A distraught wife took to Facebook to call out a Facebook user who was hanging out with her husband, and also disclosing how much they both love each other on the platform. 

The Facebook user identified as Precious John had written 'this is my feature man. He really loves me just the way I do'. However, the man's wife stormed the page to call out the Facebook user hanging out with her husband, who according to her is the father of four children.

The wife wrote; Precious u are nothing but a public dog...So u don't c any man to hangout with again except my husband, the father of four children. God will punish u and ur generation. U will never see any good in ur life

Reacting to being called out by her lover's wife, Precious John wrote in response 'chilling with another woman's husband. As u can c his hand there, he's fun to be with...

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