Sunday 14 April 2019

Photo of Sad Abandoned Dog Chained to Lamppost Sparks Outpouring of Sympathy

A heart-wrenching photograph of an abandoned dog chained to a lamppost has sparked an outpouring of emotional reactions online.

The dog was found by the side of the road in the British town of Hull on Thursday, April 11, according to Hull Live.

Graham Dobson, a 43-year-old man who stumbled upon the depressed-looking boxer, told the publication some people told him the dog had been there tied up for over an hour.


“I came to work in the morning and found the dog tied up on the main road looking sad and scared,” Dobson said, as reported by Hull Live. “It was heartbreaking to see he had been left and how upset he was, as he was a real nice dog and so friendly, just really scared.”

The Reactions

Hull Live posted the photo of the sad-looking dog, to numerous reactions.
“Awww he looks so sad 😞 what a mean way to leave him,” wrote Twitter user @sophie27631927.
“I’ve passed this dog today didn’t know it was abandoned tho poor thing,” wrote @oldfaithful2013.
Facebook user Karena Barton wrote: “better this than starving the dog to death at home or abandoning him to a dog fighting ring. Which has been the fate of many unwanted dogs this year. At least this gave him some kind of chance. Plus some dogs are whisked off by concerned neighbours or partners and they just need to do it quickly without fuss for fear of retribution. I have three rescued dogs myself so believe me I have cried rivers over animals but this one will turn out to be one of the lucky ones. 🙂 Its the others that keep me awake at night.”

Max at the Boxer Center

Officials with Hull City Council were cited in a follow-up report by Hull Live as saying that the owner of the dog, identified as Max, showed up on the scene sometime later.
The dog’s owner reportedly said he was unable to care for it and signed Max over to city wardens.
Max has since been moved to Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire Boxer Rescue, who will look to find him a new permanent home.
“We are pleased to say that a place has been found for Max at a specialist boxer rescue centre, where he has been transferred to today. The rescue centre will look to find Max a permanent home,” officials said, according to Hull Live.
A photo of Max in the care of Hull City authorities was later posted, sparking another flurry of responses.
“Max is gorgeous, I hope he gets a wonderful forever home and is treated like a king 💗,” wrote Oj Rewad.
“What a darling he is.. he will get a loving forever home now , we would all agree that everyones fallen in love with him and im sure people will be desperate to adopt him.. the previous owners had no need to tie him up and leave him, so rotten to do this to him, they clearly don’t deserve him. Good luck max on your new adventure x💙,” wrote P Polly Wilko.

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