Tuesday 16 April 2019

Prophet Oduro Wears Panties In Church To Lecture Married Women

Prophet Oduro of Alabaster International Ministry, wore panties in the church as he lectured married women on how to maintain their marriages. Prophet Oduro wore panties in Church as he lectured married women, who according to him must look attractive always to keep their partners. The Ghanaian Prophet was spotted saying in the viral video;

“Most married women lose themselves when they get married. To every married woman here, if you want to maintain your marriage you have to raise your game. The fact that you are married doesn’t mean you don’t have to be sexy or romantic. The side chicks are wearing sexy panties to snatch your husbands, you have to stop this ‘ pioto'”

He also advised single ladies who to fear God and also strive towards being financially independent, before they get married to avoid being liabilities to their partners.

Here is the video below; 

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