Friday 3 May 2019

Governor Yahaya Bello At Tinubu's Home; Social Media Politicians Says He Went To Beg (Photos+Video)

Yahaya Bello Visit Bola Tinubu (Jagaban) Insults Igbos. Facebook Politicians Says He Went To Beg.

The governor of Kogi State Yahaya Bello seen on camera abusing Igbo's in Lagos while pledging support for Gbajabiamila.

According to the controversial governor; "All the South East members in House of Reps have homes or shops in Lagos, some have both. Instead of pledging support to the interest of Lagos, they are the most outspoken, the drum majors attacking Hon. Gbajabiamila and threatening to spoil his election into Speakership. But they want a slot in Lagos cabinet.
Tinubu's man Gbajabiamila is gunning for the leadership of the house of Reps. His other man, Lawan is gunning for the Senate Presidency.

Yahaya Bello controls two Senators and 7 house of rep members in his state. If he is able to deliver his team to Tinubu's cause The Jagaban will be obligated to put in a word for him in a bid for his 2nd term ticket.

Not forgetting that the 2023 race has already started. Yahaya Bello is building a strong alliance and the Jagaban Borgu will favour his team when the time comes.

Dino controls only himself and 2 rep members, who do you think Jagaban Borgu will listen to given that the tree climbing senator is only good for pushing lies, propaganda and singing. Also not forgetting how the drama King senator threatened his wife in the floor of the Senate.

Social Media commentators allege Yahaya Bello went to beg for ticket. The mindless Dino camp is pushing the lie that the Jagaban Borgu wants to control Kogi.

I don't mean to sound demeaning, Jagaban Borgu doesn't have anything to collect from Kogi. It should be the other way round.

Watch Video below:

Gov. Yahaya Bello went to trade.

The young man is in the big leagues now and he must play his cards close to his chest. A man that delivered 92% in the last election has the structure of his state in the pockets you can't ignore him. There must be something he's doing right to achieve those feats.

Dino knows it, that's why he's back to his old tricks, throwing dirt and hoping his online minions will help him push it.

However, the only albatross on the neck of Gov. Yahaya Bello is the salary issue which we hope will be resolved soonest and Kogi state workers will smile again.

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